Weigh in day and some gardening

First – it’s weigh in day and I’m down 8.8lbs! My first week back on program is always a big one, this next week is the test. I’m not taking away from what I lost at all, but this is how it goes with me! I also lost 2 daily points. Boo.

Second – I’m giving gardening a shot this year. We had this big patch of weeds and over grown stuff behind the house. First, let me say, I had no idea how athletic this weeding would be.



Let me say here that I have no clue what I’m doing.  After all of the friggen weeding, I put down this weed blocker stuff? The kid at Lowe’s who was helping me asked if I wanted it. Who says no to this?

FU, weeds
I put down a bunch of soil that I wasn’t totally sure would fit in my Bradley, my Mini Cooper.


And planted some stuff definitely too close together.


I added some mulch and potted flowers behind and some rocks around.


And it looks pretty good! My herbs are doing really well. Well, not the cilantro. I absolutely picked it incorrectly and it didn’t come back. But I have enough basil for everyone.


So, going in, I knew we had some bunnies and a groundhog that visited our yard. Adorable? Of course. Do I want them to eat all of the work I did? Nope. Did I want to hurt them? No, I just want them to eat somewhere else.

On the advice of someone at Lowe’s, I tried some sort of powder with fox pee in it. It worked for a while. Then this is what my zucchini plants looked like:

On the advice of a friend (Thanks, Chuck!) I gave hot sauce and water in a spray bottle a try.


This guy was sitting in the yard watching me spray the leaves. 

This is your fault!

I’m not sure we’ll get anything other than the herbs since I started pretty late, but that’s ok. The weeds are gone and it’ll be easier next year. 

I got this sign from 4PhaseFabricatoon on Etsy. Check them out!

And feel free to share your favorite gardening tips! 


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