Run streak and good medical news!

Sometimes, I jump into things too fast. Or too strong. Sometimes, it works out really well, and other times, I get overwhelmed, injured, blah blah blah…

I’ve read about friends and other bloggers running everyday for some amount of time… a year or open ended… and I’ve wanted to try for a while. I thought about it again just before my birthday, and that seemed like a perfect time to start! So, the morning before my birthday, I told Kevin that I wanted to try to run at least a mile every day for the year starting on my birthday. Then, I had a fever that night.

I woke up feeling pretty run down on my birthday. I had rescheduled the one appointment I had and opted to rest at home with Winston. I slept for a while and thought about the goal I had set the day before… what’s one mile? Surely this wouldn’t be the only time I was sick all year… was I going to give up right away? So I ran a little over a mile. It sucked. It was a weirdly hot and humid October day and I was not feeling great. BUT I did it. And I got back every day that week and ran a little.


And this week isn’t over, but today was cold and windy and rainy, and I still went out… so that’s a win for me.

I was going to give it a month or so before I started to talk about it, but I’m feeling pretty good.

Also, and more importantly, I can say I kicked cancer’s ass. I had my year post op/radioactive iodine follow up with my endocrinologist, and my blood work and ultrasound looked great! I’m going to get some of this  wrong for sure… but my thyroid antibodies disappeared faster than any other patient she’s had and it’s significantly reduced my risk for any cancer returning!  I don’t mean to just throw this at the end of a post about running, but I don’t want to get too much into the technical side of this that I will surely mess up. I don’t EVER want anyone taking any medical advice from me…



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