I miss pizza.

I love pizza. So much. I miss it. So much. No, you’re crying! 

There are some good gluten free options, for sure. American Flatbread has a really good frozen pizza (they also have a great vegan pizza) and Uno’s new crust is actually great.

I wanted to try something a little more Smart Points friendly, so I finally gave a cauliflower crust a try. It did not go that well. I ended up with something tasty, but not really pizza. BUT it wasn’t overly cauliflower tasting, either. I’m going to give it another shot (got some friend tested recipes!) but here’s what went down… no recipe included because don’t waste your time with what I did…

The upside is, I’m now aware of how easy it is to make cauliflower rice! And it’s oddly satisfying.


I had SO much cauliflower, that I ended up with a giant “pizza”.

It got stuck to the foil- I was able to get kind of under it with a spatula. The flavors were great (tomatoes, turkey pepperoni, caramelized onions), but it wasn’t what I was looking for. But I’m going to try it again soon.

Side note- I got a flu shot today. RNs never can resist giving my tattoo a shot in her arm.





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