Recipe! Delicata Squash and Black Bean Stew

First, I don’t want to leave you hanging from the last post- what hurts the most after my personal training session? My lip because I hit myself in the face with a Bosu Ball.  Kevin dubbed the actual picture of my cut lip “too gross” to share, so here is what it sort of looks like.


Next, fall is here and I’m pretty excited. It’s my favorite season for many reasons – my hair doesn’t just melt into a puddle of sweat as soon as walk out the door, hoodies, my birthday, Halloween, new TV, boots, and SQUASH!!!!

I made this yummy stew today for dinner. It’s inspired by a recipe from The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone. It was the first vegan cook book I bought, and I highly recommend it. I may not be vegan still, but it’s has some delicious recipes!

So, I’m not a recipe author… or follower… Most of the time, I add the ingredients to my shopping list, sort of glance at the recipe, and then go for  it. Often I forget something at the store and end up Googling substitutions.  Or don’t read ahead enough to see that I’m absolutely going to mess it up. It’s ok. Every meal I cook turns into a terrifying game of Chopped. I also don’t super measure spices…

Makes 4 big servings, but you could cut it down to 6 especially if you served it with rice or quinoa
Time- 40 ish minutes?

2 medium Vidalia Onions diced
1 kind of on the larger side Delicata Squash cut into inch-ish cubes
2 15oz cans of diced tomatoes (or one 28 oz, it’s just what I had in the house)
1 15oz can of black beans
NOTE I didn’t measure the spices…
Garlic Powder – (fresh garlic is cool, I just can’t eat it. If you go with fresh, I’d suggest 2 cloves and you should cook them with the onions)
Ground ginger

Spray the bottom of a large pot with olive oil cooking spray (or you could use a couple teaspoons of oil) and cook the onions with some salt over a low-medium heat until they sweat a little and get sort of translucent (I’m really killing this so far)

poorly diced onions

Add all of the spices!

some of that and then some other stuff… and then the other thing

Mix ’em up and let them cook a bit longer. Until the kitchen smells pretty awesome. (set your timer for “awesome kitchen smell”)

yaaaaaay spices

Add the cut up Delicata, tomatoes, and enough water to cover the squash.

unevenly cut squash

Turn up the heat until it comes to a boil. Lower it a bit and let it cook until the squash is tender. I think it was around 20-25 minutes. Add the beans and let it simmer for… 10 minute or so.

Look at you! You did it!


I should have served it with some rice or quinoa because the Smart Points value was 3! It’s super low, which is exciting, but I should have bulked it up a little.

The lower points value meant I HAD to eat some tortilla chips, hummus, and a beer for a snack.  You gotta do what you gotta do, I guess.


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