Tracking, Smart Points, Dogs

I’ve been feeling a bit lost in the food tracking world for a while. I tried just making better choices and not counting, but didn’t feel comfortable. I found an app that would let me count Points Plus values, but it wasn’t clicking. I had moderate success with Smart Points earlier in the year, so I went old school and wrote it down, but I missed being able to look up values on my phone and having my tracker with me in my pocket. And tracking Fit Points on my own overwhelmed me.


Me. Tracking Fit Points on paper. And many other times during the day.


I caught a deal last week to join for a few months online… and I’m down 7.6lbs this week! I know it’s the first week and that I typically lose a big amount my first week back, but I’m happy with the results.

There have been a lot of changes in the last year for me health and fitness-wise. I’m more than a year post thyroidectomy and cancer free, almost a year past my radioactive iodine treatment (still waiting on the super powers), I’ve switched up my diet (gluten free and no longer vegan after a little research into my Hashimoto’s related symptoms), and I’ve joined a boxing gym where I work with a kick-ass trainer (Title).

I’m also getting ready for a MOSSA Group Power training! We’re rolling out the program at the YMCA where I work in January. I know it’s fairly similar to BodyPump, so I’m pretty excited because it was my favorite thing to teach. (I’m just going to miss my favorite master trainers and those New Zealand accents on the choreography DVDs. I will not miss all of the Nickelback they use, though.) To prepare, I’ve added BodyPump back to my routine at home. It’s tough to think about how much I used to be able to lift compared to what I can do now, but it’s ok. I’ll get back there. I’ve also got my own workout buddy at home.

“I’ll just be here getting under the bar during the chest track”




So here we are. I feel great and I’m on my way to work with my trainer, Emily. Last week was abs and they hurt every time I even stood up. Let’s see which group of muscles will be pissed at me tomorrow 🙂


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