Where does the time go?

Guys. I was sure we had another week before Thanksgiving. What happened?

So I did something smart/stupid. I went to a Weight Watchers meeting last Friday and that means I am going back this Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. It’s a great idea in theory. We’re going to see what happens.


This meeting is really the only one that fits in my work and rehearsal schedule through the end of the year. What I found kind of funny- I have to eat breakfast before I go (I get up at 4am for work and the meeting isn’t until 10:30am). This will sound weird to all of you, but for different reasons. If you’re a morning Weight Watchers member, you will know the stress that this causes me. If you are an evening member or have never gone to a meeting, you will not fully understand how deeply disturbing this ended up being.

Now, I know that it’s all about consistency. I know that if I go to the same meeting every week and eat at the same time and blah blah blah that it’s just measuring the change from week to week. I know that. But my brain was freaking the hell out Friday. And, again, I know that some of you are thinking “Oh, no, I would never do that” and others are saying “What the hell is the problem?” I guess it’s just out of my comfort zone, and that’s not a bad thing.  Also, there are, apparently, some big exciting changes coming to Weight Watchers in December. I think both of these things (awkward meeting time and new plan) will help me!

I have some new recipes ready to try this Thanksgiving and I’ll post pictures and links after! We’re celebrating the same way we have in the past- Close Enough show at PA’s Lounge the night before, and a nice relaxing day at home with Kevin and Wiston before we are both completely caught up in Christmas rehearsals and shows (Kevin and I, not Winston).




2 thoughts on “Where does the time go?

  1. I COMPLETELY understand the timing/eating thing. Completely. And what’s the big change? Clearly I have not been in a while.

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