Things you don’t want your doctor to say…

“Are you claustrophobic?”

Translation- you’re about to have a terrible time.

Good news first- my post radioactive iodine scan was great! No cancer spread anywhere and now we just kind of monitor everything with ultrasounds and blood tests. Yay!

Bad news- that scan is rough. It’s not as bad as an MRI, but if you don’t like small spaces, it’s not really the most fun you’ll have. Your arms and legs are strapped down and you’re put into a tube. They lower the… top thing that probably has a name… close to your face and you hang out for about half an hour. Unlike and MRI, it’s silent. You spend about 5 minutes at a time on each section before the slide the table up without any warning. I found as soon as I started to relax, they’d move again and I’d jump. So much fun.

I definitely got caught taking this picture

I’m very happy to be done with this for at least a few months. As I said, the radioactive iodine solitude was pretty boring. Getting back out into the world was a little strange. It’s hard to trust that everything is safe again when you call your doctor’s office to ask a “rule” related question and they say :
“Yeah, that should be fine”
It doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence…

In other news, I signed up for a 5K on January 1st- Lowell’s 1st Run! I started back on some walk/run intervals yesterday and discovered “My Shot” from Hamilton is an excellent running song. That and I can’t read a book on a treadmill even if I’m in the walking part of the run. It’s going to be interesting to fit training (and Weight Watchers meetings) in with work (that sometimes starts at 5am) and A Christmas Carol rehearsals, but we’ll see how it goes. I’m not going to win, so a slow run is ok with me. It’ll just be great to get back out there!


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