What I’ve learned

Radioactive iodine was terrible and boring and, at the end of the day, not really interesting enough to write more than a paragraph about. I sat around a lot, my teeth hurt (but are feeling better!), my neck hurt a ton, I was bored, I watched a lot of tv, I studied my NASM material, I watched some Zumba choreography videos, I had to clean the toilet twice every time I used it (and I had to pee a lot because I had to drink a ton of water), I was luckily able to hang out with Kevin from a distance of 3-6 feet, and I talked to stuffed animals.

Douglas, Zippy, and Monkey

What I’ve learned over the last couple of years is, your health isn’t always in your control. Things can creep up and surprise you. You need to listen to your body. If something feels wrong, check it out. I’m very lucky. I have an awesome team of doctors who take my concerns seriously. We caught this thryoid cancer really early because one day two years ago, I noticed that it was harder to breath and my neck was a little swollen on one side. Luckily, my doctor listened to me and checked it out.

What I’ve also learned is, I’d be crazy to not take care of myself and control the aspects of my health that I can. I just moved all of my blog posts over from my old site and I noticed it was full of a lot of posts about starting over, about excuses, about gains… I’m not sure who I was making excuses to. Ultimately, it’s me who suffers if I go over my points, if I don’t track my food, if I eat something that makes me feel sick, if I skip a workout. Is it worth it? Not really.

Luckily for me, it was also full of posts about success, about non scale victories, and after pictures. Lots of motivation going forward. I’ve done it before, I know I can do it again. I gave myself a little break during my low iodine diet. With my already vegan and gluten free (that’s new and I’ll get to it eventually) lifestyle, it was sometimes hard to find things to eat in a pinch and I resorted to not so balanced meals and snacks that were just easy to make. (I need a lot of time off from plain rice pasta and cashews)

So here I go again. It’s not day one, as I seemed to refer to it in the past, but it’s a reboot. A chance to take control of my health. It starts with a new web address and continues with a new outlook.


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